Regenerating Hunstanton

A masterplan to guide regeneration for Hunstanton's Southern Seafront and Town Centre was launched in 2008. The plan provides a framework for the enhancement of the built environment, the promotion of development opportunities in the area and the attraction of new investment, which are important to the future prosperity of the town.


Hunstanton Cliffs


The masterplan sets out a vision of Hunstanton as:

  • an active town
  • a town that meets the needs of its residents and acts as a good local service centre
  • a more attractive seaside destination, where visitors return, stay longer and spend more
  • a town that respects its heritage - whilst looking to the future
  • a town that makes the most of its setting and natural assets, linking town and seafront and emphasising the views.

The masterplan reviews key aspects of the functioning of Hunstanton as a seaside resort and local service centre, including:

  • identifying potential development sites
  • improving vehicle and pedestrian movement, public transport, access and parking for residents and visitors
  • providing design guidance
  • identifying areas for visual improvement and environmental enhancement, particularly in the public realm.

The masterplan was launched with a presentation to stakeholders in Hunstanton Town Hall in September 2008 and formally adopted by the council in November 2008.  It is available to download below.


The full masterplan document can be viewed below. Due to the large size of the document, it has been subdivided into 4 sections;

View the Hunstanton Latest News webpage for more details about the initiatives and projects that are progressing to regenerate Hunstanton.


For more information on the Hunstanton regeneration plans, please contact:


Tel: 01553 616716


Last updated: 17 November 2014
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