Current Tenders and Quotations Over £10,000

We would like to invite expressions of interest in the following currently available tenders.


Expressions of interest in any of the contracts below must be registered by the closing date at the following e-mail address: . 


Tender documents may be downloaded via links provided below but please notify the Council that you have done this via the email above so that updates or clarifications can be forwarded to interested parties.


No responsibility will be accepted by the Council if tenders are submitted based on out of date documents because expressions of interest have not been received.


Current Tenders


Contract Description

Tender Return Deadline Date

Supervising Officer

Tenders are invited for the provision of a stray dog collection and kennelling service.   The Contractor will be required to provide a collection service throughout the Council's area between 7.30am and 11.00pm on 365 days per year.


We also require a collection point within the West Norfolk area for owners to reclaim their dogs, up to 7 days boarding for each dog, and transport to an RSPCA re-homing centre for unclaimed dogs.


Invitation to Tender - Dog Warden (Word document 562kb)


Qualification Questionnaire - Dog Warden (Word document 550kb) 







20 July 2016







Tony Hague

Tenders are being invited for the servicing, maintenance and emergency cover of the Fire alarms and Emergency lighting systems for various properties belonging to the Council within West Norfolk.


Invitation to Tender - Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting (Word document 1.2mb)


Appendix 1 - Site Locations & Asset Details/ Pricing Schedule (Excel Spreadsheet 45kb)

11 July 2016

Martin Gibbs

Alive Leisure, the registered charity responsible for operating the Council's leisure facilities, has a current tender for the provision of a Leisure / Club Management System.


Full details can be found on the Alive Leisure website at 




11 July 2016




Follow link

Tenders are being invited to let a contract for the construction of the final 50 dwellings that will form Phase 3 of the Nar Valley development.


The contract will also include provision for an extension to construct up to 50 additional dwellings in other parts of the Nar Ouse Regeneration Area.


OJEU Notice - 2016/S 089-155844


Invitation to Tender - NORA Phase 3 ITT (Word document 550kb)


Clarification Questions (Word doc 21kb)


Qualification Questionnaire - NORA Phase 3 QQ (Word document 550kb)


Part 2 - General Preliminaries (Adobe PDF 440kb)


Part 3.1 - Architectural Design (Adobe PDF 440kb)


Part 3.2 - M&E (Adobe PDF 790kb)


Part 3.3 - Structural & Civil (Adobe PDF 40kb)


Appendix B - Contract Sum Analysis Sheet (Excel 15kb)


Appendix C - Contract Preliminaries (Adobe PDF 250kb)


Appendix E - to follow


Appendix F - Flood Risk Assessment (Adobe PDF 6.8mb)


Appendix G1 - Topographical Survey (Adobe PDF 645kb)


Appendix G2 - Topography for Site Possession (Adobe PDF 662kb)


Appendix H - Scope of Service (Adobe PDF 250kb)


Appendix I - Building for Life (Adobe PDF 40kb)


Appendix J - Pre-Construction Information (Adobe PDF 680kb)


Appendix L - Part 1 of Phase 1 Piling details (Adobe PDF 730kb)


Appendix L - Part 2 of Phase 1 Piling details (Adobe PDF 670kb)


Appendix L - Part 3 of Phase 1 Piling details (Adobe PDF 770kb)


Due to the file sizes, appendices A, D and K will be sent out via CD on request.



Extended to 26 July 2016 Tony Hague


Last updated: 21 June 2016
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