Current Tenders and Quotations Over £10,000

We would like to invite expressions of interest in the following currently available tenders.


Expressions of interest in any of the contracts below must be registered by the closing date at the following e-mail address: . 


Tender documents may be downloaded via links provided below but please notify the Council that you have done this via the email above so that updates or clarifications can be forwarded to interested parties.


No responsibility will be accepted by the Council if tenders are submitted based on out of date documents because expressions of interest have not been received.


Current Tenders


Contract Description

Tender Return Deadline Date

Supervising Officer

Tenders are being invited for the provision of drain and gutter clearing services for a range of premises throughout the Borough.


Invitation to Tender - Drain & Gutter Clearing (Word document 560kb)


Qualification Questionnaire - Drain & Gutter Clearing (Word document 550kb)

12.00noon 16 May Tony Hague

Tenders are being invited for the installation of a drainage solution and associated ground works at the Willows Nature Reserve, Downham Market.


Invitation to Tender - Drainage Solution (Word document 110kb)


Appendix A - General Layout (Adobe PDF 290kb)


Appendix B - Inlet Chamber B2 (Adobe PDF 1.7mb)


Appendix C - Location Plan (Adobe PDF 380kb)

Appendix D - Utilities Plan (Adobe PDF 1.4mb)

Appendix E - Willows Depth Plan (Adobe PDF 350kb)


Appendix F - Ecological Survey (Adobe PDF 1.2mb)


Appendix G - Photo 1 & 2 (Adobe PDF 3.7mb)

Appendix H - Photo 3 & 4 (Adobe PDF 4mb)

Appendix I - Photo 5 & 6 (Adobe PDF 3.3mb)

Appendix J - Photo 7 & 8 (Adobe PDF 4mb)

Appendix K - Photo 9 & 10 (Adobe PDF 4.3mb)

12.00noon 9 May 2016  Martin Gibbs

Tenders are being invited for suitably qualified professional teams to prepare a Regeneration Delivery Plan for the historic King's Lynn Riverfront area.


Invitation to Tender - Riverfront Delivery Plan (Word document 570kb)


Qualification Questionnaire - Riverfront Delivery Plan (Word document 550kb)


Appendix 1 - Study Areas (Adobe PDF 3Mb)

Appendix 2 - Land Ownership Plan (Adobe PDF 550kb)

12.00noon 5 May 2016 Tony Hague


Last updated: 29 April 2016
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