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Deadline for Household Enquiry Form

A closeup view of a Household Enquiry Form

Published: Wednesday, 10th October 2018

We're asking everyone to return their Household Enquiry Form by the deadline of 26 October before a personal visit from a canvasser is made.

The Household Enquiry Form was sent out to every home in the borough, starting in July, as part of the annual canvass. The form lists the details of those in the home who are eligible to vote. All residents in the borough need to respond to the form to either confirm that the details are correct, or to let the borough council know about changes that are required.

The form only takes a couple of minutes to complete and can be done online.

Mary Colangelo, the borough council’s Electoral Services Manager, urged people to respond as soon as possible: "We’re really grateful to everyone who has already responded to their Household Enquiry Form: we’ve received a response from 87% of residents. This is a great response rate, but we do need this crucial information from everyone. I’d like to urge everyone to respond by the deadline of Friday 26 October. If you’ve misplaced your form, just give us a call on 01553 616773 and we can help”.

The information gathered from the annual canvass will be used to update the Register of Electors.

People who do not respond to the audit may not be included on the list of people allowed to vote in future elections, may find it harder to obtain credit, open bank accounts, or prove their identity, and could even be fined up to £1,000 as it is a legal requirement to provide the information requested on the annual Household Enquiry Form.

The annual Household Enquiry Form details how people can respond. Options include:

  • Online
  • SMS text message (if no changes are necessary)
  • Automated telephone line (if no changes are necessary)
  • Returning the form by post

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