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The Purfleet has been drained

A picture of the Purfleet drained of water

Published: Thursday, 7th June 2018

Residents and visitors in Lynn may have noticed that the Purfleet has been drained recently - it's been done to carry out some maintenance work.

Preparatory work for the floating restaurant that will be located in the Outer Purfleet in King's Lynn is under way. The Purfleet has been drained and on Friday the stop-locks will be removed for repair.

The work has been scheduled now to allow the filming of scenes from the new film ‘A Personal History of David Copperfield’, directed by Armando Iannucci, to take place in July.

While the stop-locks are being repaired the Purfleet will be tidal. The Environment Agency will therefore be closing the flood gates around the Purfleet for safety reasons. These will remain closed for around one month until the stop-locks are replaced.

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