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Doorstep Recycling Advisers get warm West Norfolk Welcome

West Norfolk recycling rewards

Published: Monday, 17th July 2017

A team of recycling advisers calling door-to-door to 3,279 households in King's Lynn and west Norfolk, have been warmly greeted on the doorstep.

Working on behalf of the borough council as part of the Recycling Rewards Scheme, the advisers signed up 1,870 new people to open an account with the scheme - over 57% of the local residents they talked to.

Councillor Ian Devereux, the cabinet member for Environment, said: "This is great news! The recycling advisers have made a big difference in the number of residents participating in the Recycling Rewards Scheme. Recycling is important and being part of scheme encourages residents to recycle well and reduce waste."

“The team from Local Green Points* were really pleased by the reaction that they got on the door step across West Norfolk and appreciated the friendliness with which they were greeted.”

The advisers called at a total of 9,647 households in all, of which 3,279 answered the door. Of the residents signing up for an account, 73% will report their recycling online. Account holders reporting their recycling will all have the chance to win prizes for themselves and for schemes in their local community.

West Norfolk Green Points is funded by a grant of £230,000 from government awarded to the Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk to improve the quality and quantity of waste recycled.

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