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Weed-type odour reports

Published: Wednesday, 12th July 2017

Environmental Health officers investigate reports of cannabis-like smells in west Norfolk

Environmental Health officers at the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk have been receiving increasing numbers of reports about ‘cannabis-type’ odours in various locations across west Norfolk, similar to those being received by Fenland District Council.

Officers have met with senior managers from British Sugar on the Wissington site. No specific sources of odour were identified on site, but the council, British Sugar and their specialists, have committed to work together over the growing and drying cycle of the crop to determine if these odours are linked to the site. British Sugar are taking the matter very seriously and already trying to identify patterns and locations of odours.

In addition the council is investigating any other potential sources of the odour and has contacted the NFU for assistance in this investigation.

Over the next few days, council officers will be writing to complainants to ask them to keep a diary sheet noting when they experience the odour so that any correlation between the odours and the growing and drying cycle can be explored, and if there is any connection to identify any controls or mitigation.

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