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Hunstanton launches free tap water refill scheme

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Published: Wednesday, 14th June 2017

Launching Wednesday 14 June, Refill Hunstanton is a campaign to promote free tap water refills for people on the move.

A Hunstanton Town Council spokesperson said, “So how does it work? It’s simple - we aim to make refilling a water bottle as easy, convenient and cheap as possible by introducing refill points. Water fountains can be expensive to install and maintain, so friendly cafes, shops, hotels and businesses welcome you in to refill your water bottle – for free! Just look for our blue Refill sticker in the window.”

Refill Hunstanton - free tap water available here

Refill Hunstanton is a Hunstanton Town Council initiative to take local measures against the global marine litter problem. Single-use plastic bottles are light and, if not disposed of properly, end up on our streets and waterways; they’re often seen littering the streets and beaches in the town. Bottle tops, which fall down storm drains, are a real problem for marine life and birds mistake them for a tasty snack.

Refilling your water bottle with tap water is an immediate and effective solution to this problem. The overwhelmingly positive reaction from environmentally-conscious local businesses who have signed up to be refill stations just goes to show that Refill Hunstanton is a win-win for all concerned.

The Refill scheme has been a massive success in Bristol where it was started in 2015, by Natalie Fee, founder of ‘City to Sea’. Refill towns have spread across the west country with more and more signing up to be part of this exciting project. Hunstanton will be the first east coast town in the UK to take up the challenge and address the plastic bottle pollution problem with positive action! 

Natalie Fee, said, “I started Refill as a mum concerned about the world we are leaving our kids and right now we couldn’t be happier to see Hunstanton take this big stand against single-use plastic pollution.”

As the summer holidays approach the Refill Hunstanton team are now calling on residents and visitors to the town to get involved. Simply remember, “keys, phone, wallet and bottle” when you leave the house. By carrying a reusable bottle you’ll save money, stay healthy and save our beaches too. When you get thirsty, pop into a business displaying a Refill Hunstanton sticker for a free top-up - good for the bank balance, body, and Hunstanton’s beaches. 

To find a refill station near you download the Refill app from the App Store or Google play and start to earn reward points each time you Refill. You can also follow the campaign on twitter.


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