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Bid for a property

How to bid for a property, and what will happen once you have bid

What can I bid for?

You need to be on our housing register to be able to bid for available properties. You'll only be able to bid on properties that match your requirements. For example, some housing is only available to those over 60. You won't be able to bid for a bungalow if you're aged under 60, and have no proven medical need for ground floor accommodation.

All available properties will appear on our online system.

Our bidding cycle runs every Wednesday, until the following Monday at midday. You'll need to register your bids when the cycle is open.

Bid online

To bid online you'll need:

  • your registration user ID number
  • your password
  • to have read our privacy policy 

Bid for housing

What happens next?

Once the bidding cycle closes, we allocate the property to the person with the highest band, and the earliest 'relevant date'. The' relevant date' is normally the date you first registered, or the date when your priority band changed. If you're successful, we'll write to you to confirm. You'll receive this letter within a week of the cycle closing. If you're unsuccessful, you won't receive a letter. 

Please note, your application may be cancelled if you don't make bids for advertised properties, or if there is no contact with us, within six months.