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Corporate business plan

Information about our corporate business plan

Our business plan

Over the past four years, we've continued to deliver improvements in the quality of people’s everyday lives. And we've done this whilst operating in an environment of reducing public sector resources.  

Public sector funding will become even tighter during the period to 2024. Our overall priority is to continue to operate within our means. 

Our vision

West Norfolk is a place where:

  • businesses and people can flourish
  • communities are active and healthy
  • residents and visitors can access fulfilling cultural, leisure and sporting activities
  • a good quality of life and environment are available to all

As part of our vision, we're committed to ensuring equality for all residents of and visitors to west Norfolk, and to its employees.

Our priorities and objectives

One - Focusing on delivery

The objectives are:

  • delivery of value for money services
  • enhancing governance
  • ensuring the council’s financial sustainability

Two - Delivering growth in the economy and with local housing

The objectives are to:

  • promote the borough as a vibrant place in which to live, to do business and as a leading visitor and cultural destination
  • develop and facilitate the range and quality of business premises available
  • promote, lobby and support infrastructure improvements across the district
  • increase the supply of suitable housing in appropriate locations

Three - Protecting and enhancing the environment including tackling climate change

The objectives are to:

  • develop and implement the council’s carbon reduction strategy and encourage our partners, communities and local businesses to reduce their environmental impact
  • encourage sustainable living through our local plan and development policies
  • work with partners and the community to improve our natural environment
  • improve recycling levels
  • support measures that protect our communities from flooding

Four - Improving social mobility and inclusion

The objectives are to:

  • continue to assist our residents to maximise their opportunities by accessing the support and services they are entitled to
  • prevent homelessness, meet housing needs, improve housing conditions and ensure homes are accessible
  • work with partners to improve education attainment levels and the skills of local people

Five - Creating and maintaining good quality places that make a positive difference to people’s lives

The objectives are to:

  • protect, promote and enhance the borough’s natural and built environment
  • maintain accessible, clean, pleasant and safe public places and communities

Six - Helping to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities

The objectives are to:

  • provide early help support to communities and individuals who are vulnerable
  • support our local communities to be healthy and more active