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Corporate business plan

Information about our corporate business plan

Our business plan

Over the past four years, we've continued to deliver improvements in the quality of people’s everyday lives. And we've done this whilst operating in an environment of reducing public sector resources.  

Public sector funding will become even tighter during the period to 2019/2020. Our our overall priority is to continue to operate within our means. 

Our priorities 

We want:

  • to drive up economic growth
  • a prosperous future for the people that live and work here
  • to ensure that the quality of life and natural assets of the area are preserved 

With this in mind, we have identified six priority areas which are summarised below:

  • Priority 1: Provide important local services within our available resources
  • Priority 2: Drive local economic and housing growth
  • Priority 3: Work with our communities to ensure they remain clean and safe
  • Priority 4: Celebrate our local heritage and culture
  • Priority 5: Stand up for local interests within our region
  • Priority 6: Work with our partners on important services for the borough

View our corporate business plan

To find out how we're performing with our six priorities please visit our corporate business plan monitoring page.