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Voters serving in the armed forces

How to register to vote if you are serving in the armed forces

How to register to vote

If you're serving in the UK’s armed forces you (and your spouse or civil partner) have the choice of either registering in the normal way as ordinary residents or choosing to register as service voters.  

Registration as a service voter lasts for up to five years and allows you not only to vote while posted abroad but also to register at an address in your home area if you are currently serving away from it. Your application needs to be sent to the council in whose area you wish to register.

The quickest and easiest way to register to vote is online:

Register to vote (armed forces) on GOV.UK

As a service voter (or their spouse) you may choose to vote at a polling station yourself, have a postal vote or appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf.  

Postal votes are sent out about ten days before election day and must be returned to us by the close of poll on election day.