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Community grants

Information about grants, service level agreements and previously allocated funding

How we allocate grants

We allocate our discretionary grant funding through two separate methods:

  • One - By service level agreements
  • Two - Through a small grants scheme

Service Level Agreements

Organisations which have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) receive annual funding to provide a specific service or function. The agreement sets out exactly what is expected from the organisation. They must provide regular reports throughout the year. And their grant is released in stages based on satisfactory performance and receipt of the report.

The funding must be used in accordance with the terms of the SLA, and is monitored and reviewed every year.

Grants scheme

Currently we hold a small amount of funding to distribute towards either revenue expenditure or capital projects.

Revenue expenditure covers an organisation's general running costs, for example venue hire, printing and stationary, and postages.

Capital funding covers items such as:

  • pieces of equipment
  • refurbishment of a building,
  • provision of a children's play area

The funding is available to charities and voluntary and community groups. Currently parish councils are not eligible to apply for this fund.

Community and culture grants

Community grants support organisations such as village halls, voluntary groups and parish councils (for non-statutory functions).

Culture grants support the development of sport or leisure organisations, such as playing field associations, tennis clubs and arts facilities.

Grants awarded

For details of the grants awarded, please see our grants awarded report. 

View our grants awarded report

How to apply for a grant

You can apply for a grant through the Norfolk Community Foundation website. It's an organisation that can help with funding and applying for grants

Further information

Community Action Norfolk can provide you with support and advice on a range of issues, such as:

  • locating other sources of funding
  • constitutions
  • budgeting