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Charges, bands and appeals

Find out the Council Tax charge for your area, and how much you have to pay

Council Tax charge

The amount shown below is the full Council Tax amount due for 2017/18 for each band, before any deductions are made for discounts, exemptions or Council Tax support.

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Valuation bands

Each property is billed for Council Tax, whether it is a:

  • house
  • bungalow
  • flat
  • maisonette
  • mobile home
  • house boat

Each property is allocated to one of eight bands, according to its market value on 1st April 1991.

Valuation band Value of property
A Less than £40,000
B £40,001 - £52,000
C £52,001 - £68,000
D £68,001 - £88,000
E £88,001 - £120,000
F £120,001 - £160,000
G £160,001 - £320,000
H More than £320,000 

If you wish to find out which band you're in, you can do so on the GOV.UK website.

Lower band for disabled residents 

Your bill may be reduced if a permanently disabled person (whether an adult or child) lives in your home. The relief is equivalent to reducing the valuation band to the one below. It ensures that disabled people don't pay more because of a need for extra space.  For further information see Disabled Relief.


You can only appeal against the banding of your property:

  • after the property has been demolished
  • if a house has been converted into flats
  • if you've made alterations to the property which changes the value

You can also appeal within six months of:

  • a valuation change to your property made by the Listing Officer
  • a valuation band change to a similar property to yours (as a result of a Valuation Tribunal decision)

You should continue to pay your bill while you're waiting to hear about your appeal.  

If your appeal is successful, future payments will be reduced, and any overpayments refunded.

For more information see the Valuation Office Agency Website.