View, Comment on and Object to Planning Applications

This page explains how to view, comment on and object to a current planning application.


Can I view, comment on and object to other people's applications?


Yes, you can either view, comment and object online or write to: Environment and Planning Services, Borough Council of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk, Kings Court, Chapel Street, Kings Lynn PE30 1EX.




To quickly see undecided planning applications near to where you live, enter your postcode into Find my Nearest and select your address. Any undecided planning application within a 5 mile radius will then be displayed with links for further details.


The Council will remove and disregard any comments that it judges to be either offensive to or to discriminate against individuals or groups on grounds of colour, heritage, ethnic or national origin, sex, marital status, faith or belief, sexual orientation, disability or age.


The Council may consider reporting any such offensive comments to the police or relevant authorities.

If you require any assistance completing the online form you can also contact our Customer Information Centre on 01553 616200.


Why would I comment or object on an application?


If you have comments to make for or against the application you can make them known however, to be considered your comment or objection must be on planning grounds.


We will only consider comments or objections that are 'material' and relevant to planning. For example:

  • Overlooking - The proposal would lead to previously private areas being overlooked to an unacceptable level.

  • Overshadowing - The height or proximity of the development would be such that unreasonable overshadowing would occur.

  • Disturbance - There would be unacceptable intrusion in the form of noise nuisance, general disturbance, odour, etc.

  • Overbearing - The scale of the works means that the property/premises has an oppressive impact on surrounding areas/houses.

  • Out-of-character - If the design of the development, its scale and use, is such that it appears to be out-of character with its surroundings.

  • Road Safety - The development may lead to a significant impact upon road safety.

Issues we will not consider include:

  • Issues covered by other legislation.

  • Loss of value to a property, loss of a private view, and potential difficulties in property maintenance.

  • Private interests of objectors, the effect of the proposal on property values and competition between rival companies.

The Planning Portal also has information on commenting on proposed developments.


How long do I have to comment on or object to an application?


You have 21 days from the latest date of either; when the site notice is displayed at the site, you are notified as a neighbour or if a formal advert appears in the newspaper. 

If you are looking at an application online using public access, this information can be found by selecting Important Dates.


Please note that whilst we will accept comments made after this time we cannot guarantee that a decision has not already been made on an application, so it is advisable to make your comments as soon as possible


Who will see my comment/objection?


It is an accepted principle of the planning process that it should be open and transparent. For this reason, and in accordance with national guidance on best practice, we will try to make as much information as possible available either at our offices or via our website.  Any comments will be published on the Council's website within 48 hours of receipt but they will not be acknowledged.


We try to ensure that personal information supplied by the applicant or by those making representations cannot be used to engage in identity theft. However, it should be noted that the name and address of the applicant and those making representations will be made public unless you specifically request the redaction of this information.  If you do request the redaction of your name and address then your comments will be treated as anonymous.  The weight given to anonymous comments may be reduced.


We will obscure areas of documents that relate to signatures, phone numbers or email addresses where these are published online. However, human error can occur and we may miss something. If you notice something that causes you concern, then please email noting the application reference and document details and we will do our best to resolve the matter.


Further information regarding Personal security, data protection and availability of documents online can be found on the About Public Access webpage.


How do I know my view will be taken into account?


Your views will be considered and all comments/objections will be summarized in the officer report on the application. A petition and/or a bundle of standard letters will be regarded as one objection when referred to in the report.


Who will make the decision on the application?


Most planning applications are determined under powers delegated to the Executive Director but some applications need to be considered by the Planning Committee


Can I speak at the Planning Committee meeting?


If you have made a comment or objected to an application which needs to be considered by the Planning Committee, You will not be notified if the application has to be heard at Planning Committee however, the Agenda is published on the Council’s website  7 days before each meeting. 


A list of Committee dates is also available on the Council's website  Please note that not all applications are referred to the Planning Committee for a decision and, at this stage, we do not know how this application will be determined.


Our Public Speaking at the Planning Committee explains in full the process including who to contact to arrange to speak, who can speak, what you can say and how long you can speak for.


How will I know the outcome of the application?


If you wish to know the outcome of the application it will be available on the Public Access System.


Last updated: 04 September 2015
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