What Happens after a Planning Application is Submitted?

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This page explains what happens to an application when we receive it, how we process it and how we make a decision on each planning application.


Once you have submitted your planning application it goes through a number of processes before a decision is issued:




Usually within 5 days of receipt


Upon receipt, applications are checked to make sure that all the required documentation and plans are present and that the correct fee has been submitted.


If anything is missing we will write to the applicant detailing what is missing and requesting that the required information and/or fee be submitted so that the application can proceed.


If the required information and fee have been submitted the application is 'valid' and can be registered.


If the applicant has appointed an agent all communications during the process will go to the agent




Usually within a week of the application being made Valid


The application is entered into the register of applications and an acknowledgement letter is sent to the applicant/agent.


The letter will provide the name of the case officer dealing with the application, the application reference number and the date by which we should make a decision on the application.


Please remember to quote the application reference number when contacting us.




Usually up to 4 weeks after receipt


Details of the application will be published so that the local community are made aware of the proposals. It also provides an opportunity for people to comment on how they think the proposed development might affect them or the character of the area. This publicity can take the form of letters, planning lists, site notices, adverts in the local press and the website.


Consultees are given 21 days to comment on an application, although comments may be accepted after this period.  Consultations will also take place with the statutory agencies, utility companies and other council departments.




Usually 8 weeks after receipt or 13 weeks for a major application


The decision on your application may be made in two ways:

  • By a senior qualified professional Planning Officer after considering a report written by your Case Officer.  The report will take account of all comments received and consider the key planning issues involved. 


  • By the Council's Planning Committee. The Board is made up of elected Councillors, advised by senior qualified professional Planning Officers. The Planning Committee will consider a report written by your Case Officer. The report will summarise the comments received and the key planning issues involved.

Work on a proposal should not begin until a decision has been made.  In some cases conditions attached to the Planning Decision will need to be discharged before development commences.


Frequently asked questions


What does the Case Officer do?


How can I find out what has happened to my application?


Can I make changes to my application during the process?


Can I view and comment on other people's applications?



What does the Case Officer do?


The Case Officer will:

  • Visit the application site to look at, for example, the effect of the proposal on neighbours and on the appearance of the area;
  • Consider your application in relation to the planning policies for the site and the type of development proposed;
  • Take all comments received from local residents, Parish/Town Councils and other organisations into account;
  • Let you know if changes could be made to your application to make it acceptable; and 
  • Prepare a report recommending whether the application should be approved, possibly with conditions, or refused.

How can I find out what has happened to my application?


Your Case Officer will be able to tell you about the progress made in dealing with your application.


You can also track your application on our website.


After a decision has been made on your application, we will send you a decision notice giving full details of the Council's decision.


Can I make changes to my application during the process?


Yes, you can make minor changes up to 5 weeks into the process but major changes could lead to long delays. 


If  you want to make major changes, you may wish to  consider withdrawing your application and starting again with a new one. The case officer will be able to advise you on this.


Can I view, comment and object to other people's applications?


Yes, you can either comment and object online  or write to the council at the address below.  More information can be found on our webpage View, comment and object to planning applications.


Please note that if your comments are made outside of the consultation period we cannot guarantee that a decision has not already been made on an application so it is advisable to make your comments as soon as possible.


Last updated: 07 September 2015
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