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We are constantly looking at how we can improve communications and engagement with our residents and the wider community. This page outlines our presence on a number of Social Media channels and gives an overview of each service for those who are new to these sites.


We have joined three popular social networking sites - Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to bring people together, share information and interact with others who share the same common interests.


What is Twitter?


Twitter is a free online service which lets you keep in touch with people or organisations that you decide to "follow". Twitter works on the basis of people sending short messages know as "tweets" and everyone who follows your tweets will see your update.  


We currently operate six Twitter accounts covering some of the different services we provide:


Follow WestNorfolkBC on Twitter
Follow klcornexchange on Twitter
Follow Lynnsport on Twitter
Follow HunstantonOasis on Twitter
Follow StJamesSwimFit on Twitter
Follow DMLeisureCentre on Twitter


To follow our tweets, simply sign up for a free Twitter account (if you don't already have one) and follow the links above. Just press the "Follow" tab to receive the latest updates from the chosen account.


We will monitor and endeavour to respond to requests (where appropriate) via Twitter but if your enquiry is of an urgent nature, please see our Contact Us pages for alternative ways of getting in contact.


What is Facebook?


Facebook is also a free online service that allows you to keep in contact with friends and share information such as photos, news stories and website links.


King's Lynn Corn Exchange on Facebook
Lynnsport on Facebook


To gets all the latest updates from the King's Lynn Corn Exchange on Facebook, simply register for a Facebook account, follow the link above and press "Like"


What is YouTube?


YouTube is a video sharing website on which users can view, upload and share videos. You do not need an account to be able to view any videos but by creating a free account, it will enable you to tell us what you think about each video.


Also, by subscribing to our YouTube channel you will receive updates whenever a new video is placed online, as well as easily being able to share those videos with your family and friends.


West Norfolk Borough Council on YouTube


Last updated: 25 April 2014
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