Budget, Accounts, Spending and Audit

The Council is big business – it has a turnover of more than £300m per year, assets worth £130m, investments of £28m and loans of £12m – it is little wonder that there are lots of rules and regulations that the Council must follow when dealing with money.

During each year the Council runs though a cycle of events that deal with its finances:
In February the Council sets its spending plans for the forthcoming financial year that starts in April, together with projections of income and expenditure for future years.  In approving the spending plans the Council sets Council Tax for the next financial year.
Further details of these current plans can be found in the Financial Plan 2015 - 2020 (pdf 2Mb).
Further information about our budgetary and monitoring processes are available from the Fees and Charges, Final Accounts, Treasury Management and Audit pages of our website.


Last updated: 01 April 2016
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