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This page contains important Information for Planning Agents


National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG)


The Government has published the National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG) for England, which revises and updates planning practice guidance and also makes it accessible from a single website:


Planning Areas


Planning Officer contact details and North/South Team Parish distribution.


Flood Risk Information


New pages have been published on our website following advice from the Environment Agency:


Flood Risk Information

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and Tidal River Hazard Mapping Protocol 2012

Tidal River Hazard Mapping

Flood Risk Design Guidance

Environment Agency Presentation


Small Scale Wind Turbines


To assist applicants and agents a document titled Small Scale Wind Turbines - Shadow Flicker and Noise (pdf 55kb) has been published.


This guidance aims aims to provide advice in respect of the appropriate location and siting of small scale wind turbines in the Borough of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk; in so far as shadow, flicker and noise are concerned.


It also sets out the minimum information required for planning applications regarding noise.


Secure by Design


Secure by Design is part of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).  It is a flagship UK police initiative to help ‘design out’ crime through the use of high-quality innovative products and processes.


The principles of the scheme have been proven to reduce the risk of crime and the fear of crime.


The 3D toolkit is aimed at providing visual examples of designing out crime by illustrating poorly designed features and then better alternative solutions.  It also details the relevant and current standards required by ACPO Secured by Design.  The toolkit is intended to compliment the ‘Secure by Design New Homes’ design guide that should be referred to for additional guidance and instructions.


The following document came into effect from 27 March 2012:


National Planning Policy Framework


This document sets out the Government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied. More details can be found on the Communities and Local Government webpage.


Planning Practice Guidance


This guidance replaces the Technical Guidance and provides more information regarding the NPPF.


Planning Policy for Traveller Sites


This policy should be read in conjunction with the National Planning Policy Framework and replaces Circular 01/2006 Planning for Gypsy & Traveller Caravan Sites & Circular 04/2007 Planning for Travelling People.


Application Forms


It has come to the attention of The Planning Inspectorate that agent's can sometimes complete the online application form incorrectly by naming themselves as both agent and applicant.  Where this happens the intended applicant, i.e. the client, is not shown at all on the application form.  This is important as it could have several implications:



The ownership certificates are highly likely to be incorrect.



The name of the "applicant" will be confusing for 3rd parties/neighbours.


The right of appeal is given only to the applicant as it appears on the application form (so this takes sorting out at appeal stage which is time consuming and often a little confusing and ultimately leads to delays).


4 If the agent doesn't handle the appeal for the client, then the client could potentially lose their right of appeal if the agent doesn't give consent for the right of appeal to be transferred.


Can you please, as a matter of course, check the application forms and be sure to notify the agent or applicant of any issues with forms being filled out incorrectly. 


We have raised this issue with the Planning Portal Support ourselves to try and resolve the issue before online submission of an application.  We hope they will be able to introduce a series of checks to ensure the agent name and applicant name are not the same.


Formal Agents Meetings


4 March 2014


Minutes (pdf 33.81kb)


26 November 2013


Changes to appeal process (amended presentation)(pdf 322kb)

Portal Presentation(pdf 2.94mb)

SA Presentation (pdf 322kb)

SUDS Presentation (pdf 1.47mb)

THI Presentation (pdf 1.26mb)


11 June 2013



Definition of a Major Application


27 November 2012


Presentation (pdf 1.12mb)

CNC Building Regulations Presentation (pdf 1.08mb)

CIL Diagram (pdf 15kb)



12 June 2012


Presentation (pdf 55.2kb)


13 December 2011


Presentation (pdf 22.43kb)

SuDs Presentation (pdf 2.31mb)

Chief Planner Letter - Householder permitted development rights for micro wind turbines and air source pumps (pdf 44.3kb)

Planning Portal "Whats New" webpage

Penfold Review webpage


14 June 2011


Presentation (pdf 478 KB)

Trees and Landscape Presentation (pdf 7.05MB)

Tree Definition (pdf 10.3KB)

List of Tree Surgeons (pdf 24.7KB)

LDF Response (pdf 20.3KB)


Informal Agents Forum Meetings


8 September 2014


Minutes of 8 September 2014 (30kb)


16 May 2014


Minutes of 16 May 2014 (21kb)


13 September 2013


Minutes of 13 September 2013 (40kb)


19 March 2013


Minutes of 19 March 2013 (pdf 49.5kb)


11 September 2012


Minutes of 11 September 2012 (pdf 29kb)


13 September 2011


Minutes of 13 September 2011 (pdf 87.09kb)


The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment) (England) Order 2011 relating to recharging electric vehicles and the installation of domestic microgeneration equipment (pdf 74.1kb)


15 March 2011


Minutes of 15 March 2011 (pdf 52kb)

A Plain English Guide to the Localism Bill (pdf 149kb)


14 September 2010


Minutes of 14 September 2010 meeting (pdf 157kb)

LDF Update (pdf 23kb)


16 March 2010


Minutes of 16 March 2010 meeting (pdf 103Kb)


Local Development Framework


Core Strategy - Proposed submission document. 

Consultation from Wednesday 13 January to Wednesday 24 February 2010


Last updated: 16 March 2015
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