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On every page of our website, the Govmetric channel offers you a simple way to rate whether you think that page is good, average or poor by selecting the appropriate ‘face’. 


You can see the faces in the column to the right of Govmetric Combined logo and faces smallevery page.


This is an effective way to find out what you like on our website, what doesn’t work for you and where you consider improvements could be made.


Visitors to our website rate about 100 pages every month. We are pleased that nearly 59% of the feedback give the website a good rating, but we recognise that we receive a poor rating for around 41% of pages.


When you rate a page you will be invited to simply tick one of four statements to indicate your level of satisfaction – this ensures we concentrate on areas most in need of improvement or lets us know just where you think we are getting things right. If you want to give your detailed opinion, there is a free-text area available too. 


We look at every comment we receive and make changes as soon as we can.  Whilst we can usually make simple corrections straight away, significant improvements might involve more work and therefore take more time.


Your feedback is important to us as it helps us to identify areas we need to improve as well as letting us know what information you want to see displayed. Please continue to take the time to rate our web pages. Your opinion really does count!


What we do with your feedback


In response to your feedback this year, we've made some changes to our website:

  • Improved the Waste Management pages by splitting them into specific information for residents and business. 
  • Launched the Visit West Norfolk website including an Events and What's On system to allow residents and visitors to see at a glance what is going on in west Norfolk and to showcase the area in order to promote tourism.
  • Made it easy to share our website pages through a variety of Social Bookmarking Links
  • Implemented the EU Services Directive which allows you to apply for various licences and permits online, speeding up the process for applicants.
  • Implemented a new Online Payments system for improved security and ease of use for our customers.
  • Launched a complete review of our website content, removed over 150 broken links and corrected spelling mistakes.
  • One of the first councils in England and Wales to publish Payments to Suppliers information as part of the Government's transparency agenda

We are currently working on other suggested enhancements that will be added to this list very soon.


Other methods of feedback


To submit feedback which is not about the website - i.e. about a service you have received by telephone or in person - you can use the online Customer Comments Online eForm


You can also submit specific enquiries online using the General Enquiry eForm or pick up a Customer Comment Form (pdf 2.5Mb) when you visit any of our Council Information Centres at Kings Lynn, Hunstanton or Downham Market.


You can also contact us by:


Telephone: 01553 616200


Fax: 01553 767332




Last updated: 29 October 2013
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