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Borough Councillors fullfil a vital role within the Community, both representing and advocating for individuals and groups within society - frequently on behalf of individuals who are vulnerable and/or disadvantaged and who may have difficulty in dealing with their own affairs and accessing services and advice.
It is of key importance to Freebridge Community Housing to maintain good working relationships with Councillors as they fullfil their role as community representatives and advocates.
However, it is also of vital importance that - following separation from the Borough Council via Housing Stock Transfer - all Freebridge Community Housing Staff are conscious and aware of the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 in respect of not divulging and discussing information which relates to an individual or individuals without their clear consent and permission to do so having been received.
To this end a Consent Declaration Form (pdf 101kb) should be completed by individual tenants if they indeed wish their individual circumstances and tenancy details to be divulged to, and discussed with, a Councillor.  If the individual circumstances and tenancy details of any tenant are to be discussed with/revealed to a Councillor, this consent declaration must be signed and a copy of this in the possession of Freebridge Community Housing.
In regard to individual tenants, the consent declaration is two-fold, in that it authorises disclosure and discussion of personal circumstances and information on a 'global' level - i.e. any and all aspects of the tenancy held by the tenant and their dealings with Freebridge Community Housing as their landlord - and also on a limited basis in relation to a specific, defined issue.
Councillors may seek to enquire with Freebridge Community Housing in relation to general matters of policy, procedure and practice, and all staff should co-operate fully with such enquiries and provide copies of policy documents etc.  For example, a Councillor may enquire as to our approach to internal transfers of tenancy in regard to whether these can be carried out or not, and with a general enquiry such as this all possible advice and assistance should be provided.
However, should the Councillor's enquiry then seek to apply this general enquiry, and our subsequent advice, to a specific individual tenant,  their tenancy and/or circumstances then at this point a consent declaration form the individual tenant must be in place in order to allow disclosure and discussion.
If at any point a Councillor voices an objection to the requirement for a consent declaration to be signed by the individual tenant before disclosure and discussion of their personal details can take place, please refer this to your immediate line manager.


For further information please contact:

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Telephone: 03332 404 444


Last updated: 15 December 2014
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