Recent Press Releases

Here is a list of current press releases, with the most recent shown first. For more information contact the Communications Officer on 01553 616711.


Fri, Mar, 27 2015
Hunstanton will be the latest Norfolk resort to offer footgolf - the fastest growing sport in the UK.
Fri, Mar, 27 2015
Easter fun at the Custom House with a ten-piece puzzle to solve to win some chocolate
Thu, Mar, 26 2015
Town's 10k race achieves national award for the quality of the event's organisation.
Mon, Mar, 23 2015
Norfolk Waste Partnership launches a new campaign to encourage recycling to be rinsed and placed loose in bins.
Fri, Mar, 20 2015
The council has decided not to extend the conditional contract with Materials Works.
Fri, Mar, 20 2015
Bespak's offer of 10 free places for up to 15 local schools is being snapped up.
Fri, Mar, 20 2015
Organisations from across Norfolk have joined forces to highlight the signs of CSE and the risks to children and young people.
Wed, Mar, 18 2015
Light shows are about to begin in King's Lynn
Mon, Mar, 16 2015
Notices of election published for the Borough and Parish Elections and details of deadline for registering to vote or applying for a postal or proxt vote.
Wed, Mar, 11 2015
New collections calendars are being delivered detailing Easter collection arrangements.



Last updated: 11 March 2011
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