The Borough is at most risk from coastal flooding from August through to April. In particular this is most likely to occur when certain bad weather conditions and high tides coincide.


The Environment Agency issues warnings for flooding from major rivers and the sea,


Those living in areas that are liable to flooding should sign up to the free Floodline Warnings Direct Service offered by the Environment Agency.


A Flood Warning Information booklet is available that gives more information about flooding in West Norfolk. Copies can be picked up from our offices or it can be downloaded.


If your property is at risk from flooding we would recommend you make a  personal flood plan.  A free template for this can be completed on the Environment Agency's website


Details about how to protect and prepare your property for flooding can be found on the National Flood Forum website. Specific flood product details can be found in the Blue Pages directory.



Download a copy of the Flood Warning Information leaflet 

(pdf 1.3MB)




Last updated: 09 October 2014
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