There are three types of flooding that can occur:

  • Tidal or Coastal flooding
  • River or Fluvial Flooding
  • Surface Water or Pluvial Flooding, usually after heavy rainfall.

You can mitigate the risk to flooding in many ways.


Firstly we recommend finding out if your property is at risk of flooding from the Environment Agency website. You can also sign up to receive flood warnings direct from the Environment Agency.


Advice and Information


BCKLWN Flood Warning Information Leaflet (531Kb pdf)


Norfolk prepared preparing your home for emergencies information


GOV UK - prepare for a flood


Making your home more flood resilient - Blue pages directory


Environment Agency Prepare your property for flooding. A guide for householders and small businesses


We do not issue sandbags for property level protection as they are not 100% effective and we recommend other measures instead such as flood boards.


Last updated: 28 September 2015
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